Westgate Winners of the Manitoba German Language Contest 2017

Congratulations! to the 29 Westgate Finalists at the Manitoba German Language Contest on February 27, 2017.  Westgate had 9 Students on the podium for the top three spots in their categories.

Junior A

  1. Sam Ludwig

Junior C

  1. Carson Greenall

Intermediate A

  1. Isaak Fast

Intermediate C

  1. Paul Rempel
  2. Joe McCallum
  3. Toby Bergmann

Senior A

  1. Jaymi Fast
  2. Lukas Neustaedter

Senior C

  1. Kadie Nykvist
  2. Everett Giesbrecht
  3. Meghan Hiebert

Kadie Nykvist was the 1st place winner of the Senior C category for the Manitoba German Language Contest 2017 and earned a study trip to Germany courtesy of the PAD on behalf of the German government. Luckily, she and Mamie Kroeker-Tom also won a Video Contest from PASCHNET and was awarded the same trip from another agency. The Language Contest was happy to pass on the prize to the 2nd place winner in the A category and Kadie will go on the trip in July.