Grade 7 Algebra Test 7B March 2, 7A March 3

Test reviews are due:
7B March 1
7A March 2

Copies of review on previous post about test review.

February 23rd, 2017|Grade 7, Grade 7 Math|

Math Test Review 7B due March 1, 7A due March 2

We are nearing the end of our Algebra Unit.

Reviews due:  Completing the review more than once is especially suggested for students struggling to master the concepts. Student MUST complete reviews.

7B March 1

7A March 2 


Test dates:

7B March 2

7A March 3


Copies of review


2016 algebra test review answer key  pdf

2016-fractions-test-review  PC version

2016 Algebra test review pdf




February 23rd, 2017|Grade 7, Grade 7 Math|

Ethics, online Morality test response, due Mon Feb 27.

Please complete the following online Morality activities and type a response to your thoughts on taking the tests. Remember, these online tests are only for interest purposes. Don’t worry if the response is not what you expected. morality questions along with personality type. Uncomfortable questions involving difficult life and death decisions.



Write a 200-300 word response to your experience taking the online morality tests. Consider how you felt making the choices in the test. Were these things you had thought about before? Did some questions make you consider why you believe what you do? How did you compare to average responses of other people? Was this what you expected?

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 11, Grade 11 Christian Studies|

Science 20S – Test #1 – Monday, February 27

Chemistry Test #1

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 10, Grade 10 Science, Homework|

Applied 30S – February 22 homework

p343 #7, 8, 11-13

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 11 Math, Homework|

Physics Projectile Lab March 22

Lab Write Up DUE MONDAY March 22
SAMPLE lab write up

Compare (% difference) the “measured” v initial with the calculated v initial.

Show all calculations and discuss the reasons for the smaller (or in some cases) larger v initial.

Use dynamics, kinematics and projectiles to answer your hypothesis.

You may also use circular motion or energy to solve for v initial.

Lab report must be typed.

Lab Mark out of 20.

5 marks for apparatus

5 marks for lab report typed, neat and organised, complete with headings; hypothesis, etc.

5 marks for physics

5 marks for analysis of results

Congratulations to ??? on their bonus 2%

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 12, Grade 12 Physics|

Chemistry Test: Wednesday, March 1

Unit 2:  The Mole Concept

Atomic Mass
Percent Composition and Empirical/Molecular Formulas
Definition of a Mole
Molecules, Atoms and the Mole
Molar Mass & Moles
Molar Volume & Moles
Density & Mole Calculations


February 22nd, 2017|Grade 11, Grade 11 Chemistry, Homework|

Biology Term Paper due Monday, March 6 (H.R.’s class)



General topics:  (You should pick a very specific topic within these general themes.)

Maintaining homeostasis in various conditions
Aging and the Body
Technology and wellness
The muscular-skeletal system


Cannot be overemphasized – it will be apparent to the reader whether or not the author was engaged by or excited about the subject matter.
Must be specific! It is essential to remain focused on the intent of the paper. This is to answer a question, and the entire paper should be geared to attain that goal.
It is almost impossible to achieve that goal if the topic chosen is a disease, illness, inherited condition, etc. In spite of good research, these are most likely to result in descriptions of causes, symptoms and treatments, and as such, are unacceptable for this assignment.
Debating the efficacy of a treatment might be a possibility, although […]

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 11, Grade 11 Biology, Homework|

Math Midterm March 3 – 8

Two day midterm
8A: March 6, 8
8B: March 3, 8

Day 1: Integers, Decimals, Fractions

Day 2. Ratio and Rate, Percents, Algebra

Use the links below to access course resources

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 8, Grade 8 Math|

Gr. 10 Geo – Promoting Sustainability – March 3


Promoting Sustainability

Info for topics


Meat production and the environment:

The Triple Whopper Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production

Effective sustainable messages

Some pro-environment messages, such as those that encourage people not to litter, try to get people to take action by emphasizing why people don’t participate in conservation efforts and how that inaction harms the environment. But such messages may provoke the opposite of what they intend, encouraging people to do precisely what advocates were trying to prevent, research shows. Psychologists’ applied research finds that a more effective message might be one that depicts that most people are doing the conservation behavior–which encourages others to do it, too.

However, these descriptive messages–highlighting pro-environmental behaviors that many people already do–are uncommon in environmental campaigns. Instead, most pro-environment communications rely on less-effective “save the environment” messages, awareness campaigns that alert people to the severity of the problem and general education messages that inform people how they can help, Schultz says.


February 22nd, 2017|Grade 10, Grade 10 Geography, Homework|

Physics COW #2 March 3


A clown is launched from the same height as it lands.
Must clear a 8.00 m tall wall (no depth) 20.0 m away from launch
Lands 27.0 m away from launch point

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 12, Grade 12 Physics|

Grade 8 ELA – Expository Writing – The Good Lie – March 9th

8A due: March 9th

8B due: March 9th

The graphic organizer and the rubric MUST be submitted with the final typed copy.

Order of rough draft coloured sheets –

Introduction – Green

First Reason Paragraph – Blue

Second Reason Paragraph – Yellow

Third Reason Paragraph – Salmon

Conclusion – Purple

Expository-writing – Powerpoint

Expository Writing Example  – Check it out!



Expository Writing Rubric

Topic Sentences & Thesis Sentences

Students are expected to be doing their research and writing during class time. If they require extra time, they are asked to work at home.

February 22nd, 2017|Grade 8, Grade 8 Language Arts|

9 Science Formulas Assignment Feb 24

09 Electricity Formula Questions

*Students in band from 9A may talk to Ms. C. about a Feb. 27 hand-in date if necessary. They are expected to initiate this conversation!

February 21st, 2017|Grade 9, Grade 9 Science|

Applied 40s – Chapter 5 Test – Monday, February 27

February 21st, 2017|Grade 12, Grade 12 Math|

Manitoba German Language Contest

February 21st, 2017|Permission Slips|

Chemistry Quiz: Friday, Feb.24

The quiz will cover everything in unit 2 up to (but not including) the Mole.  Check the main homework page for details.

February 21st, 2017|Grade 11, Grade 11 Chemistry, Homework|

PCM30S Test – Monday, February 27

Chapter 7 – Rational Functions

You are invited

February 16th, 2017|News|

Biology (HR) Test: Thursday, March 2

The Cardiovascular System:

Unit 4 Outline:  The Cardiovascular System

12.1 The Blood Vessels
1. List the three main types of blood vessels, their structural features, and their major functions.
2. Identify the type of blood vessel in which exchange takes place. Explain what is being “exchanged” and why.

12.2 The Human Heart
1. Name the major components of the heart, including the four chambers and four valves.
2. Trace the path of blood through the heart and lungs.
3. Describe the intrinsic and extrinsic control of the heartbeat.

12.3 The Vascular Pathways
1. Construct a simple diagram showing the flow of blood from the heart through all major parts of the body.
2. Describe the factors that affect blood pressure in arteries, capillaries, and veins.

12.4 Blood
1. List the main types of cells in blood and their functions.
2. Identify the major molecular and cellular events that result in a blood clot.
3. Define capillary exchange, and describe the two major forces involved.
4. […]

February 16th, 2017|Grade 11, Grade 11 Biology|

FIB – Corporate Social Responsibility – Feb. 27

Corporate Social Responsibility

February 16th, 2017|Grade 9, Grade 9 Futures in Business|

German Project due Feb. 22 or Video on 28

11. Klasse Deutsch 1. Semester 2017

2. Semester
Februarprojekt– Wähle eins – Fällig am 22.. Februar

A. Suche dir zwei deutsche Fernsehsendungen aus und kucke sie

Vortrag für die 11. Klasse mit Clips, Zusammenfassung und Empfehlungen

B. Suche dir zwei deutsche Musikvideos aus und finde den Text
Zeige die Videos der Klasse mit Texten. Übersetze den Text und mache Aufgaben für die Klasse für beide Musikvideos.

Fällig am 28. Februar

C. Drehe ein Video von 3 Minuten mit einem Partner über deutsche Stereotypen und editiere es – bringe es zur Klasse auf einem USB

February 15th, 2017|Grade 11, Grade 11 German, Homework|

Ethics Morality Unit Handouts

These are the handouts we have had in class thus far.


DECIDE model

5 Ethical Approaches

Kohlberg Stages

Kohlberg criticisms

Stranded questions

Basic Christian Values



February 15th, 2017|Grade 11 Christian Studies|

Ethics, Stranded Questions, Due Feb. 16

Please complete the attached questions for Thursday, Feb. 16

Stranded questions

10 reasons

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Life is Beautiful

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