Spiritual Life


This year in chapel we will explore the letters of the New Testament, known as the Epistles. In the years and decades after Jesus’ life on earth, his early followers were spreading the good news, and churches were forming in cities throughout the Roman Empire. These early Christians lived a harassed and fragile existence and they needed each other in order to live in community as faithful followers of Christ. So the Epistles are pastoral letters written to these early churches from church leaders in order to provide encouragement, to give guidance and advice, and sometimes to call the churches out on their sin.

This means the letters are responses to particular problems or issues that arose in the church 2000 years ago. So how do these letters speak to us today? We are also struggling to follow Christ and to be the loving community Christ calls us to be, and we also need each other for encouragement, guidance, and sometimes reprimand. Through our chapels this school year, we will explore the context and content of the Epistles in order to listen to what they might say to us in our current context.