As of September 2017, the Westgate building project has reached completion. The school has been revolutionized with a new atrium, choral space, science lab, fitness centre and wheelchair accessibility. The total project cost was $10.3 million.

As of September 2018 we have just $2.4 million left to raise.  Thank you to all the generous donors who have helped us get this far! With interest rates rising, it is more important that ever to pay off the remaining amount.  This is where you come in….

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Make a tax deductible donation: all at once or over a period of time. All gifts are greatly valued as it will take the support of our entire community to achieve our goal. To donate, you have two options:

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“We decided to make a donation towards this campaign as a way of showing our appreciation for all that Westgate has given to our children. We’re proud to call ourselves part of the Westgate family!”

– Moni Fricke & Bruce Martin

Funds Raised to Date

Thank you to all the generous donors who have helped us get this far!

Raised as of September 19th:


Our Total Goal:


Our New Spaces

Accessible space - elevator

Accessible Space

With the installation of a central elevator that opens up all floors of the school to students and visitors, Westgate is now a universally accessible campus. It was vitally important to create an infrastructure that removed any limits when it came to accessing our space.


Enclosed in floor-to-ceiling glass, this bright and sunny common area serves as an inviting entrance to our school and makes all who pass through the front doors feel welcome. Located adjacent to the new atrium is the revamped administrative suite.

Choral Space

The Westgate choirs and bands have earned many awards due to the amazing talent of our students and the outstanding teachers/directors who lead them. By upgrading to a new rehearsal space, our musicians can flourish amongst the vaulted ceilings and panoramic view of the Assiniboine River.

Science Lab

Science Lab

An additional science lab has been created in order to inspire scientific exploration. Here, our students are better equipped to delve into their passion for science, and develop a greater understanding of their physical world.

Fitness Centre

Fitness Centre

At Westgate, we motivate our students to develop good habits around wellness and active living. Now, with our new fitness centre, we can combine athletics with outdoor recreation as well as opportunities for individuals to carry out their own active living routines on daily basis.

Faces of the Spaces

Here is just a small sample of the stories of gratitude we are hearing from staff, students and family.

Carrie Schulz

Carrie Schulz

“Throughout my time at Westgate, my love for music, and especially singing has increased tremendously. Having this new peaceful and calming space to make music has really helped that passion to grow. I am grateful to be able to make music in this community.”

Heidi Redfern

Heidi Redfern

“Upon returning to the school, I was thrilled to see the beautiful new building. The elevator was of particular significance to me, since when I attended Westgate my dad was unable to move around the school and watch me play sports, attend all school chapels or awards ceremonies, or go to parent/teacher interviews. That barrier to accessibility has been broken down with the new building. Now, parents and students with physical disabilities will be able to participate fully in all that Westgate has to offer!”

Isaak Fast

Isaak Fast

“Being back at 86 West Gate and having access to all the science labs has made learning much more hands-on, accessible, interesting, and easy. I walk out of class every day amazed at how much we accomplished. It really helps showcase everything Westgate academics has to offer.”

Cael Penner

Cael Penner

“The workout room for me is another place at Westgate where you gain camaraderie with the tight community of students. There is nothing better than collapsing on the ground beside a friend after pushing yourself to the limit, knowing next time you can go a little further.”

Nicholas Harder

Nicholas Harder

“Westgate has always been a nurturing, inclusive, and caring school, and Westgate’s new atrium embodies all of these values. The Atrium is a great place for students to work, study, share ideas, and simply enjoy each other’s company. It is also frequently used to showcase the arts, whether that be listening to the Westgate choir and bands performing for the staff and student body, or displaying the amazing artwork of Westgate’s art program.”

Capital Campaign Committee

  • Ozzie Rempel (Chair)
  • Bob Hummelt
  • Henry Dyck
  • Alexis Dirks
  • Krista Neustaedter Barg
  • Tracy LeClair

A Message from the Committee

First, we want to thank all donors who have helped us get this far. While we have raised a substantial portion of the funds required already, we are not yet finished — we still have several million dollars to go. It is a goal we will achieve because we have you, our determined, dedicated fellow community members.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how to make this capital campaign a success. Contact Ozzie at