All international students are required to attend an English as an Additional Language (EAL) course in each of their years of study. We also encourage international students to be involved in a home-stay. Living with a Canadian family will help ease the transition between cultures and will provide a supportive environment for personal concerns that arise out of the school situation.

Entrance requirements and program of studies

International students applying at Westgate should be competent in the English language so that they can follow the academic program without significant language difficulties.

The EAL course addresses language difficulties in all subject areas, prepares students for TOEFL examinations and helps to articulate personal concerns that arise out of the school situation.  An exemption from the EAL course is based on the student’s academic language abilities, in spoken and written form.  The EAL course is offered when numbers warrant.

If students have attempted the TOEFL they should know that a TOEFL score under 485 indicates that students may encounter considerable difficulty in understanding and explaining concepts in the academic subjects.

International students are required to complete at least six Manitoba credits at the high school level. One of these credits must be the English Language Arts 40S course in their Grade 12 year, if applicable. The remaining 23 credits may be transferred from outside of Manitoba, provided they meet the requirements of the Manitoba Program of Studies. A special foreign language test can be administered as the need arises, and may qualify the student with an additional one to four credits, depending on the number of years a student remains at Westgate. Report cards will be sent to both guardians and parents.

The courses offered consist of basic subjects required for University Entrance, plus a few options. All students are required to complete the compulsory credits (courses) at each level of study (i.e. if you are accepted as a Grade 11 student, you must complete the compulsory Grade 11 and 12 level credits). The remainder of the credits may be chosen from the options available.

In addition to the compulsory credits (Mathematics 20S, 30S, Geography 20G, History 30S, Language Arts 20F, and Science 20S), one Grade 11 level Science and a Grade 12 level English Language Arts must be completed. One Christian Studies credit must be completed during each year of attendance.

The final list of required courses will be worked out upon arrival, but in all cases they must meet Manitoba Education requirements for graduation.

Fees and Acceptance

Application Fee:  $50.00

Tuition Fee: See Tuition information

Any individual requesting additional funds for processing is NOT acting on behalf of, or in the interests of, the school.

Please send all correspondence directly to the school:

Westgate Mennonite Collegiate
86 West Gate
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 2E1

Application Procedure

  1. Complete the application form, answering ALL questions.
  2. Acquire three letters of reference and an official transcript of marks, plus official record of your TOEFL test score. Three reference forms are enclosed.
  3. Enclose the $50.00 application fee. This fee is not refundable.
  4. Mail all materials to Westgate:
    • Application form
    • Official transcript
    • TOEFL score (if available)
    • Three references
    • Application fee ($50.00)
  5. Upon evaluation of your application, you will receive a letter stating whether or not you are eligible for acceptance.
  6. If you receive a letter stating you are eligible, mail a cheque for the full amount of tuition to the school. A letter of acceptance will then be sent to you by mail. Students will be accepted for a minimum of one full year, beginning in the fall term.
  7. A full tuition refund will be made only if the Canadian High Commission notifies us that you are not eligible for a student visa.  In all other cases, the maximum refund is $1,425.00.
  8. When you arrive in Winnipeg, telephone the school (204-775-7111) and make arrangements to register.