8 Information and Communication Technology

ICT 8 is a half-year course that is designed to introduce students to computer usage, computer-aided design, and website coding.

15F Applying Information and Communication

Students will use office productivity software to create documents, spreadsheets, databases, web pages and presentations. In addition, students will explore the production of multimedia. The Internet and email will be used as communications tools to assist in the research and data- gathering process. Ethical considerations, acceptable use, and the challenges associated with various uses of ICT in the home and workplace will also be examined.

25S Digital Filmmaking/Digital Photography

The purpose of the course is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to tell stories by combining sound, still images, moving images, text and graphics into a video product. Students will plan, develop and produce video and still image projects.

30S Computer Science

This course will instruct the students in two computer languages: Visual Basic and Java, and will consist of classroom instruction and lab time. Topics include: variables and data types, input/output, multiple branching, looping, subprograms with parameters, strings, arrays and sample sorts.

40S Computer Science

Prerequisite: Computer Science 30S

The course teaches intensive programming using Java on IBM compatible computers. Topics include: problem solving, sequential and random access files, OOP programming language, recursion, arrays, and sort and search algorithms.

42S Advanced Placement Computer Science

This course requires the writing of the Advanced Placement examination. A student who successfully passes the exam as prepared and evaluated by the Advanced Placement Committee receives a university credit. Topics include: Variables and Constants, Controlling Program Flow, Functions, Classes and Objects, Mathematics and Recursion, and Enum, Arrays and Structs, Advanced Algorithms — section sort, timing code, merge sort, binary search and bubble sort.