7, 8, 9 Beginner (0.5 cr. after gr. 9)

This class is open to students in any grade. Students will choose a string instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass) upon consultation with the teacher. Students will learn how to play their instrument, and work on performing together in a string orchestra. Orchestra members will be required to practice at home, and there will be several performances during the year. Students will be required to rent their own instruments.

7, 8, 15S, 25S, 30S Advanced (0.5 cr. see note)

Students in Junior High who have previous string playing experience will audition for placement in the Advanced String Orchestra. Students playing in Advanced String Orchestra should be performing at a minimum Grade 4 RCM level.

This is a performance based music class for students in Grade 7 to Grade 12 who play a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass). Students should have at least two years of playing experience. A broad range of repertoire will be explored.

NOTE:  A 30S credit is granted after participation in Grade 11 and Grade 12.